"Choose your electronic health record carefully..."

Software vendors, with the support of Uncle Sam, are making a glitzy sales pitch to physicians in hopes that they will purchase their particular EHR product. Additionally, large hospital systems are wooing their referring outpatient practices to ‘link in’ through their software product to create a more seamless transfer of patients to their facility.

Doctor: don’t rush to the cashier just yet. Aside from the worry that some products will not be up to “meaningful use”—the federal requirement for EHR stimulus package reimbursement—remember that smaller providers are an entirely different beast than large hospitals and medical centers. The needs are different; therefore and the product should be different. This concern raises some interesting glimpses into how the technology market for EHRs will evolve.

If we compare the 17 or so year development history of EMRs and EHRs to the (thankfully) much shorter tech product development/release timeline (1-3 years), I'd say we're pre-new iPhone release at this phase with PHRs.

Or, as Oh My Gov! says, don't rush to the cashier just yet. Healthcare's WWDC equivalent is still nascently developing in utero somewhere.

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