#myhealthdata Wednesday, July 1st. Mark your calendars.....

On Wednesday, July 1, 2009, Obama will be holding an online town hall meeting on health care reform to answer some common questions. People can submit questions via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (twitter hashtag: #WHHCQ)

President Obama will answer common questions. If enough of us ask, maybe we will get a verbal commitment from Obama to support our health data rights.

Here are a couple of twitter examples:

Obama, will #hcreform support my right to access and use #myhealthdata ? #WHHCQ

Hi Prez Obama! Will #hcreform support humans’ access to their own health data, kinda like how they access their pet’s data? #WHHCQ

Please RT. Wednesday July 1st on Twitter. #WHHCQ.

Participate in President Obama's online town hall meeting on healthcare reform. Let's storm the tweetstream folks.

Surely you can donate 140 characters?

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