Yeah. PHRs. We Wants 'Em.

Observations obtained during the course of the study suggest that issues of health and technology literacy, accessibility, privacy, autonomy, quality and accuracy, age, and social support within households and families are all variables relevant to the adoption and use of PCHRs. Broadly, researchers detected:

  • A general feeling of disconnect between people and their health information
  • A dramatic overestimation of the extent to which health information data are digitized and flowing in support of patient care
  • A lack of awareness of the existence of PCHR technology
  • High levels of interest in PCHRs once participants had exposure to one
  • A perception that PCHR benefits outweigh their potential risks
  • Differing opinions/appreciations between older/younger participants around the risks and opportunities associated with sharing health information
  • A need for help understanding technical or clinical issues
  • Concerns about quality, accuracy and locus of responsibility for maintaining records
  • Uncertainty about appropriate and safe read/edit access policies
  • Consumer demands of the technology that exceeded technical sophistication of current PCHRs

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