Faith Healing: More Kids, Same Mania, Less Suicide?

“Religious Affiliation and Suicidal Behavior in Patients with Bipolar Disorder”
Dervic K, Carballo JJ, Baca-Garcia E, et al.
149 patients with bipolar disorder with a religious affiliation (BD-RA) were compared to 49 patients without religious affiliation (BD-WRA). Compared to BD-WRA, BD-RA were more likely to have children, fewer past suicide attempts, less comorbid substance abuse, and greater moral objections to suicide. Both groups, however, had similar levels of suicidal ideation, depression, hopelessness, and severity of manic symptoms. Poster NR2-110

Psychiatry Weekly: Poster Highlights from the 162nd Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association...fascinating.

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