When the Great Innovation Appears...

Amazing Freeman Dyson quote (Esther Dyson's dad) in letter from Frank Moore to Kenneth Snelson.

Snelson's works were recommended to me by @floatingbones after I did a drive-by of a conversation he and @brampitoyo were having about design, compartmentalization, mesh-like dynamics, and tensegrity.

I stopped the car and got out for this one...

Considering osmotic flow for HIT design (how not to impede barrier for variety of users by designing based on acoustic principles of porous design) means honestly asking yourself what kind of strong frame you'll need to prevent the structure from turning to mush under heavy traffic.

If you're running a health site (hospitals, PHRs, etc) play with the software as osmotic molecule analogy. Do you impede or accelerate flow for system efficacy?

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