Quantifying the Value of Open Source Software Projects in Health Care

Black Duck estimates that the nearly 800 health care open source software projects it identified represent $6 billion USD of software development costs, and would require 31,000 staff years of development to replicate. These projects represent a significant potential stimulus resource available to the healthcare industry.

Open source software development in healthcare, to date, contributed over 6B worth of product(s), based on COCOMO cost-estimation modeling.

But do the open source projects provide a platform that's worth further builds?

Examples of top open source projects in healthcare:
1. VA's VistA
2. PatientOS
3. OpenEMR
4. Ultimate EMR
5. FreeMED

And the OS community continues to work, quietly, in HC...

"The top ten community-based open source health care projects dealing with electronic medical records and practice management each ranked in the top five percent on SourceForge, with hundreds to thousands of downloads per month."

Check out the MarketWire article for a list of programs and features currently in development. Download a few. Do OS projects represent our competition, or the building blocks needed to establish strong programs?

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