Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Studying Health

"Thousands upon thousands of persons have studied disease. Almost no one has studied health."

Thanks to this quote from Adelle Davis' 1954 book "Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit," I just figured out how to sum up all the speaking and tweeting and design and consulting and startup advocacy work I do in healthcare. 

I'm studying health. It's that simple, and that complex.

This week's #startuplife menu includes QA testing of the hands2gether app with our partner prior to app store submission. I can't wait for this app to launch, because it will be a fun, free, easy way to study the contagious spread of happiness. More on this app soon.

Also putting together a hiring packet for cofounder @shazow to apply for a VISA, which means thinking carefully about the docs, language, and creation of Contagion culture NOW and crafting docs that reflect our aspirations rather than half-assing it and getting him something cheap and easy to carry across the border. 

Oh, and a little thing called the YCombinator application...

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