Experiential Knowledge (and Pancakes)

Blacksburg, Virginia. Brunch at Gillies. A "sprinkle" shower attended by friends and family. In this photo: Four generations of women in my family (both sides) sitting around exchanging female "folklore" about the pregnancy and birthing journey. These woman have 10 childeren between them. A small sample size yes, but a powerful one. Why, with all our tech prowess, are we still unable/unwilling to value (and capture) the incredible, hard won body of knowledge? I can't even count all the information of value I heard distributed- willingly, openly-through the central "nodes" in this network of women. We captured some of the tips on birthday cards for my sister's future daughter, but I kept thinking damn. If and when I need to access this body of data it will have vanished, save for a flawed set of memories. There will not be another gathering like this one. All these women will most likely not meet again. The knowledge exchanged was catalyzed by the company and the context. We share such value so casually, almost as an afterthought. When will it no longer be discounted?

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