By Easter, I *WILL* Be Able to Do 1 Pullup!!!

This is my own personal fitness Hades...

Despite having spent a good part of my early 20s on a walker+crutches (after my car accident and mad leg surgeries) I still could never quite manage to do a SINGLE full, dead weight hang pull up (no pun intended).

My mom (@susanlindsey) and sis (@kbluey) used to stop at every Pilates equipment area on hikes and bang out a quick 4 or 10. These ladies are amazing and, at least as far as pull ups are concerned, completely out of my league.

So. I've done some crazy-cool challenges for my buddies at getupandmove.

I'm doing crazy #getupandmove wall pushups in SOMA laundromats. I've done pole kicks on an Amtrak train (to the amusement of fellow passengers). Yesterday I walked to 3rd and King with my laptop and iPhone, 'hopping' every minute for @litomikey's (my dad!) challenge.

But I've been too afraid to tackle my own white whale: THE.PULL.UP.

This is a tough goal. But if Andrey and I can pull our sh*& together, swallow our fears, and apply for YCombinator, then, damn it all to hell, I am GOING to do that pullup come Easter.

Guammies, I need your help. I will slack off, procrastinate, and in all likelihood fail unless I get some serious pullup practice challenges.

Please don't leave me hanging with my tail in the wind alone...

Your weak-upper-body-strength founder -

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