We Ain't Scared, We're Just...Scared of Being Too Slow to Keep Up With Our Guammies

When you mess up on a social web app, as you undoubtedly will, you have to come completely clean or your users will smell your fear and hate you for it. Social sites are not typical software…they ebb and flow depending on the community and how it evolves over time. You, as the manager of a community, must act accordingly.

From: "Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications and How to Avoid Them « Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua Porter."

What we build depends not on the language, not on the coding, not on the elegance or scalability of the backend (although damn @shazow, that's nicely done ;)...

It's about the people we know and love who use #getupandmove. Or don't.

I've been slacking on community management - listening to you - trying to make 'big deals' for Contagion.

But there is no Contagion, there is no getupandmove.me, without you.

Glad someone reminded me.

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