Just Another Day at the Office, You Know, Emailing the First Lady...

When four of your friends tell you that your company should be working with First Lady Michelle Obama for her "Let's Move!" initiative - and continue to hound you until you've responded that you'll work on it - you've got three choices:

1. Giggle (check).

2. Hide (check).

3. Check out the program, stutter in disbelief (check). 

Email the White House and send the First Lady a card (check on the first, working on the second). 

The White House gets tens of thousands of emails daily. The likelihood of anyone working on the Let's Move campaign seeing my email is slim to none.

Still, as @betaCooking says, sometimes just showing up is a good approach if you want to play. 

Here's what I emailed:

Dear First Lady Obama - I can't tell you how much I admire your work with the Let's Move campaign. The future of our country depends on moving from 'sickcare' to a proactive focus on the wellness of each individual. A healthy, happy population happens - ironically - one person at a time. How do we get individual people to make a series of smaller, slightly healthier choices - "microchoices" - that add up over time to health (or the lack of it?) We are working on precisely that problem at http://getupandmove.me. I would absolutely be thrilled to support your Let's Move campaign in any way possible, and we have seen from folks using #getupandmove (search Twitter.com for some interesting references to challenges people are issuing, accepting, and enjoying) that behavior change IS possible, especially when you make health social. My very young startup company is Contagion Health. We believe that although illness is viral, health can be contagious too. Kids were meant to move - and so were the grownups who look after them! We're working to make moving fun for BOTH. We look forward to being of service to you with the Let's Move initiative. All the best - Jen McCabe http://getupandmove.me/jensmccabe @jensmccabe on Twitter jensmccabe@contagionhealth.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/jensmccabe

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