This is Exactly What our Getupandmove.me User Graph is Showing...

In each network, most nodes are linked to only a few other nodes. But a small fraction of nodes have lots of links. These hubs shorten the paths between all the nodes in the entire network.

From: "Network Theory: A Key to Unraveling How Nature Works by Carl Zimmer: Yale Environment 360."

Social contagion theory like whoa!

We're now building out some internal algorithms and analytic tools to find those 'central' or 'contagious' node users and incentivize THEM to help other users 'level up.'

Perhaps even more interestingly, we've got some data that may support the theory that some percentage of users 'level' up and become hyper-nodes unexpectedly.

I use 'some' and 'maybe' a lot there because our emergent community and user behaviors are fascinating, and pretty new (we're less than 12 weeks in).

Network theory, fitness, health, social contagion, and how your skinny jeans fit. They're all connected.

Now we just have to figure out how to use build stuff that uses those bonds (covalent? ionic?) to get to better health.

We're working on it!

PS - @theferf, thanks for introducing near-sadism into our model with that 90 pushup challenge. My arms feel like I'm typing with oven mitts on...

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