Typography and Health Design: Do You Get It?

One thing that fools us, for example, is font. When people read something in a difficult-to-read font, they unwittingly transfer that sense of difficulty onto the topic they’re reading about. Schwarz and his former student Hyunjin Song have found that when people read about an exercise regimen or a recipe in a less legible font, they tend to rate the exercise regimen more difficult and the recipe more complicated than if they read about them in a clearer font.

Become a details person, if you aren't one already.

Make look books. Save screenshots of 'easy' to read sites, intuitive user experiences, and clear, crisp design images.

I suggest downloading the Jing screenshot client, and creating Flickr albums to keep notes for yourself.

In designing for health, even the 'wings' on your lettering (or the lack thereof) makes a difference.

Do you get it?

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