Patients demand: 'Give us our damned data'

From: "Patients demand: 'Give us our damned data'" - part of CNN.com's "Empowered Patient" series.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent, our great photographer Floyd (who met Regina Holliday and I at DCA airport as I was en route from Philly and the NBME to SFO and home), and the amazing medical mural artist and advocate @reginaholliday (photo right), who's jackets act as a Red Badge of Courage for me during difficult events where it's often disheartening to talk about the state (or lack) of 'patient-centric' care enabled by health IT.

Regina, this is not an easy job, or calling, or however you want to describe it.

Your work literally keeps me going, and reminds me of the power and responsibility each individual can have in enabling 'participatory medicine' and choice+control aware care in our own lives, and in the healthcare system.

Thank you.

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