The Health Care Blog: EHRs for a Small Planet

EHRs that can share data, information, and connect the experience of patients, caregivers and doctors more directly are much more likely to be utilized at the community level than EHRs that in essence capture and remove data, isolating them and their potential social uses in faraway databases that no one can get into.

From: "The Health Care Blog: EHRs for a Small Planet."

Brian is getting it, big time, with this 'global design, local focus' approach to reviewing what he calls "clinical groupware" (and what Andrey and I call the stuff Contagion is building, including getupandmove.me).

He also makes the case for community extension via online sites and services that connect people experiencing illness and injury - aka - social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This is exactly the underlying belief that we used designing the getupandmove.me platform, which, by it's very programmed nature, expands the community of n=1 to n=1+1 (each challenge is composed of two users; a challenger and a responder).

Just wait til we go all 'group challenge' up in here...and geolocation? Whewee. That's really gonna be something...

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