Highway to Hell, or Health? En Deutschland Microsoft HealthVault + Siemens to Hold Sway

According to those interviewed in Germany, the Connector program, despite enormous sums spent (estimates put it at ~$2.25B) was doomed from the start as it was “politically not doable” due to its top-down strategy (sounds like the NHIN), inability to move rapidly in response to market changes and extreme reluctance of physicians to support open transparency and exchange of patient records across Connector.  Similar to the US (challenges RHIOs face), German physicians fear data liquidity of PHI may lead to loss of control of the relationship (he/she who owns the data, owns the relationship) and subsequently, potential loss of business.

In Germany, all citizens have a right to obtain copies of their medical records and most payers provide incentives to physicians to encourage them to provide records to their patients.  In practice, however, the German software companies Chilmark interviewed universally stated that most consumers do not bother asking for their records and due to the aforementioned issues/concerns regarding transparency, few physicians encourage it.  Therefore, Germany also shares with the US a PHR market today that is very immature and requiring a significant amount of consumer education and physician adoption/engagement.  Siemens has a long road ahead.

From "Update: Siemens Brings HealthVault to Europe « Chilmark Research."

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