Biggest Challenge for mHealth App Makers? Getting a Place to Test the Damn Things...

In an emerging industry like mobile healthcare, the more data demonstrating the efficacy of technology, the better. MedApps, maker of remote patient monitoring devices, will be collecting such data on patients with congestive heart failure in an attempt to show that daily monitoring of discharged patients can reduce readmission rates and ER utilization.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based MedApps will test its HealthPAL wireless EMR connectivity tool and web-based HealthCOM portal on CHF patients discharged from Meridian Health hospitals in New Jersey as part of a disease management pilot. The systems will monitor patient vital signs and symptoms immediately after discharge and, the company says, provide patient-specific education and support. The devices also should be able to help Meridian care managers identify complications and symptoms so patients can get the necessary outpatient care before the problem develops into something requiring hospital admission.

From: "MedApps to test remote monitoring of CHF patients - FierceMobileHealthcare."

Your greatest challenge as an mHealth developer is probably *not* development - at least not of the coding variety.

It's getting in the door to talk to clinical and academic organizations that are looking to partner and pilot these devices in a patient care setting.

Think about this earlier rather than later and begin to connect with these folks where they live, work and breathe.

Clue - it ain't hackathons.

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