Getupandmove.me: All Up in Ur Facebooks Messin' with Ur Microchoices!!!

From @tgoetz's "The Decision Tree: How Smarter Choices Lead to Better Health | Magazine."

Today we're live with Getupandmove.me version 3.0, which brings Facebook to the microhealth challenge party.

Now you can choose to challenge your friends+family on Twitter, Facebook, or both. Just wait til we go all SMS on yer mobilz...

Basic overview of the changed user experience:

1. If you're a current guammie, we'll ask you to choose to sign in with Twitter or Facebook. We'd like to suggest you choose the social networking site you use most often.

2. Next you'll be prompted to 'merge' your accounts. You won't notice too much difference in what you see after that...

3. Then you should become a fan of the Get Up and Move Facebook page here to talk about challenges, tell us what you think we should build, etc.

Getupandmove.me is about taking your social inputs, making the process fun, and giving you a way to motivate others to make a teensy weensy healthy decision, with an end result you can both feel good about.

The only decision more dangerous than an unhealthy one is the one you don't think about before making.

The good news is you don't have to make those kinds of healthy decisions alone anymore.

See you on the Facebook!

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