Group Therapy - TIME

The next logical step? Teach patients to be better scientists.

From an excellent article: "Group Therapy - TIME."

Big high five to Gilles of ACOR, @ePatientDave, and Jamie of Patientslikeme.com.

Great job guys, and great article TIME. Patients 2.0? ePatients? Whatever we call it, it seems to be working...

But will people who are sometimes (not often) patients take the same level of personal responsibility for knowledge generation and care coordination? I hope so. I think the "if we build it, they will come" rule applies here, now more than ever.

Amateur scientists we may be, but ePatients are sharing and testing hypotheses about what works for specific conditions in a personal-medicine context.

The question is whether or not the clinical environment will take Patients 2.0 seriously, and realize what an underutilized resource they've got at hand.

I sure hope they do. For their sake, and ours.

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