The Web 2.0 Fabulous Way of Keeping Up with Family

I thought Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, and LinkedIn were enough sites and services to make me fully web2.0-fabulous.

Apparently not.

So I'm now on Facebook (sigh - thanks @oldbailey, Char), even though the UI make me think of Excel, and Outlook, and early Hotmail (which was for college n00bs in 1998, just like Ebay before listings had PHOTOS), and thus throw up in my mouth a little.

And then I find this pic of family hiking on Char's Facebook. You don't realize what you miss doing crazy startup stuff until you can see it posted all over every social network in the world.

This pic = cousin Char, cousin Soph, sis Kate+niece Baby Ellen in utero, cousin Julie. I'm the only gal of the fab 5 missing.

But without this photo, and others on their Facebook pages, I'd have missed nearly 7 months of their collective lives.

Do they get the same benefit reading my blog? Nope. As sis said:

"Jen, I read your blog a few times a week. Half the time I have no d&*^ idea what you're talking about, but it's neat to hear what you're working on, even if I don't understand it."

Supportive family + Web 2.0 = not abandoning the startup life.

Kate, this Posterous is for you...:)

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Greg Matthews said...

Jen, you're addressing a really important point here . . . where do you draw the line between "professional social media" and media that's purely social? Or do you draw that line at all?
I think that it'll be even more interesting when more of "health" becomes more "social." Will it occupy a 3rd category, distinct from work vs. personal? My bet is that, just like every other form of social media, it's going to depend on the user . . . and what they feel comfortable sharing with whom. Thanks for provoking some thoughts!