Twitter and the Stimulus Bill - Want to Comment? So Do I...Email Speaker Pelosi

Message I just emailed to Speaker Pelosi (yes, I am idealistic enough that I still hope contacting my representatives makes a difference):

Dear Speaker Pelosi-

I am writing to request that the House and Senate incorporate comments from the public on the proposed stimulus bill prior to your vote. You can find reviews and questions in a representative sampling on Twitter.com.

I learned about the bill not being posted on Twitter from Rep. John Culberson, who is doing great work using the service to keep the public (not just his constituents, but worldwide Twitter users or 'tweets') engaged and updated about the activities central to the governance of our nation.

You can view Mr. Culberson's Twitter feed by clicking on this link: http://twitter.com/johnculberson. />
I hope a member of your staff follows up and shares this story.

The media has recently discovered the power of using Twitter contacts to report on the front lines of an emerging event - I hope Congress will do the same as we look to pass the largest spending bill of my lifetime.

Please click on this link to see what the Twitter community is saying about the bill (hit refresh after loading):
http://search.twitter.com/search?q=stimulus+bill. Note how many of us are actually reading it.

There are vital healthcare provisions and spending estimates in this bill which my professional community would like to examine in more detail.

Please remember your constituents are watching as you debate this bill, and deserve the chance to examine it/comment on all 642 pages of HR 1 to our elected representatives, who speak for us on the floor, prior to the vote.

A handful of hours is stretching the limits to read and analyze this data for most of us who have a multitude of daily responsibilities and will need to schedule time to sit down with this bill.

Please be cognizant that we want to do the right thing and remain engaged by allowing us time needed to read this vital piece of proposed legislature.

Best -

Jen McCabe Gorman

neXthealth NL
Health Management Rx

Twitter: jenmccabegorman
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