eHealth+Real World Health Hack by Vitality: Glow Cap Connect Reminds People to Take Meds

Awesome. Something else new and delicious comes to/from Boston, which soon might supplant DC as the #epicenter for healthcare innovation (sorry Ted Eytan:).

Let's keep score:
1. RAND's opening an office
2. TechStars is opening an incubator
3. They've already got an active Health 2.0 chapter.
4. Marquee Health 2.0, eHealth, mHealth companies are there (think American Well).
5. The city houses a unique hospital innovation cluster (Paul Levy, John Halamka at BIDMC).
6. Vitality shows every medtech and device manufacturer out there up with verve and the Glow Cap connect bottle.

CNN coverage of the Glow Cap connect here: http://tinyurl.com/5rrdet

Much better than a spoonful of sugar...GlowCaps flash and play music to remind you to take your pills. It's even backed by Amazon's A-z moneyback guarantee.

In case that doesn't cut it, you can choose to have the program CALL YOUR PHONE.

Sector significance? Finally we're getting to the 4th C of the Nexthealth model - the coherence factor (Content+Community+Commerce+Coherence = Nexthealth).

The Glow Cap Connect even nails down the Community portion via "social network support" - an option lets you send a weekly update to a friend, family member, or caregiver (love that you have the option to share this update at will with whomever you choose - power to the patients!).

Vitality is achieving semantic interoperability of medication delivery - a reminder to take your meds, available online and offline, at will.

And the tech is amazing - the cap is even supposed to COUNT YOUR PILLS and remind you to refill them at the pharmacy.

Incentives are taken into account: "Each month, GlowCaps mail you and your doctor a report with incentives if you exceed your adherence goal." Wow.

When Vitality link to a PHR and enables e-prescribing and auto refills, and then has the cap ping you with an email or call when the Rx is ready for pickup (or when a mail-order pharma order has been fulfilled and is on its merry way to your front door, that will really be something).

In addition to product cred, they've got the people part nailed down - definitely one to watch. Check out management team bios here: http://www.rxvitality.com/management_team.html.

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of One Laptop per Child, is on the Board: http://www.rxvitality.com/advisory_board.html

Contact info:
Email us at info@rxvitality.com

Send us mail at:
Attn: GlowCap SOLO Stories
1 Broadway 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

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