Future Research Lineup Couldn't Resist...(successful delivery)n=1:1 and Geodesics in Healthcare

Quote from weekend reading - health types read. Rinse. Repeat.

"703.08 While the building business (cross out - insert HC) uses safety factors of four, five, or six-to one, aircraft-building employs only two-to-one or even less because it knows what it is doing (Buckminster you rascal you). The greater the ignorance in the art, the greater the safety factor thatmust be applied. And the greater the safety factor, the greater the redundancy and the less the freedom of load distribution."

"We have a mathematical phenomenon known as a geodesic. A geodesic
is the most economical relationship between any two events. It is a special case of
geodesics which finds that a seemingly straight line is the shortest distance
between two points in a plane."

Steps for hospitals:
1. Map out every. Single. Care. Process. Start with med admin. Nodes are people, lines between are steps. More than 1:1? Not a straight line? Fail. Redesign.

2. Yes, this probably means you should get an Info Architect, Service Design, IDEO type to come in and show you how to perform the process-mapping equivalent of drawing on the street with sidewalk chalk.

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