DAYTUM = Nifty Site for Personal Biometrics ("me-trics")

Ah, the beauty of a simple pie graph, especially when it's programmed to show my daily caffeine intake (gulp)...

Personal biometrics are on my top 5 list for disruptive, consumer/patient oriented innovations, along with DTC genomics and other genetic profiling studies (genoanth, etc).

Question is, how do we get people to WANT to enter in this data?

We've got people who are patients with chronic diseases, and also in the top 10 (10-80-10 rule) percent of hyperengaged e-patients (if we're being optimistic) on lock, but what about the middle 80?

What kind of tools do we need to create to ensure it's as easy for people to enter personal health narrative nodes as possible?

In part this is a rhetorical question - some of the tools already exist. What would incentivize you to enter personal biometrics?

(And no, helpful friend who responded yesterday during a brainstorming conversation, I do *not* think a unique lewd photo send via email is the right tactic...although we'd get the 18-24 yo male population's participation for sure).

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Christine Kraft said...

You are asking a great question here. But who defines the "Me" in "metrics" remains up for grabs. I find myself asking (rhetorically):

Why should those 80 in the middle even "want" to engage in their health management?

What do we really know about the expectations of the 80 in the middle?

Is engagement in health something those consumers believe will liberate, heal, or make them happy?

Or, alternatively, do they believe that it's more about avoidance. (If we engage more we'll avoid horrible symptoms, diseases, losses? ...)

What are we Health 2.0 folks hoping to offer those 80 in the middle when they start engaging? Will we scare them? Reassure them? Or simply plot their data?

Health is a marketplace so value (and values) drives everything.