Personalized Medicine Wins with Passing of HR 3590?

H.R. 3590 — as passed in the House on March 21 by a 219-to-212 vote and which cleared the Senate in December — will include a section creating an independent Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The non-profit institute will be charged with conducting research that informs the public and healthcare providers about the comparative risks and benefits of marketed drugs, devices, and medical products.

Specifically, with regard to personalized medicine, the institute's research will also look at the utility and effectiveness of medical products and services in "various subpopulations" differentiated by race, ethnicity, sex, age, co-morbidities, as well as genetic and molecular subtypes.

"For personalized medicine, this vote is historic," Amy Miller, public policy director at the Personalized Medicine Coalition, told GenomeWeb Daily News sister publication Pharmacogenomics Reporter this week. "It represents the first time that the principles of personalized medicine have been passed by both houses of Congress."

From: "Personalized Medicine Looks to Take Step Forward with US Healthcare Reform Plan | GenomeWeb Daily News | DxPGx | GenomeWeb."

Gene geeks and #quantifiedself folks, pay attention to news about the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (as in set up a Google alert pronto)...

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