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The Social Health Summit 2010: What We Learned wrap up highlighted a few gems, such as the social application Getupandmove.me which enables users to issue fitness challenges to their friends. (Think: I’ll do 15 pushups if you’ll climb two flights of stairs). Research shows that an asynchronous challenge, when two parties do things separately and not at the same time, is three times as effective as a synchronous challenge. (Think: You and I meet at the stairwell, and I do my pushups while you climb the stairs). Fascinating!

From: "Health and social media at SXSW: New channels take on old problems | SmartBlog On Social Media."

Yeah Doug! :) Thanks for the shout - out...

(Health tweets, you can follow Doug on Twitter: @dougnaegele).

Of note, we also had 100% audience participation in the "pat your head and rub your tummy" group challenge. And yes, it was as silly and fun as it sounds...

Extra thanks to Chia Hwu (@chiah), Brian Singerman (@briansin), and Kyle Cooney for joining the panel moderated by Reed Smith (@reedsmith), and to Indu Subaiya of Health 2.0 (@bluetopaz), David Hale of Pillbox (@lostonroute66) and friends for hangin' with us on the last day of Interactive.

Now, let's see if @briansin's prediction that in a few years 50 percent of SXSW panels will deal with health in some way comes true...

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