A Lesson in Problem-Solving, From an Unexpected Source...

Preparing for our YCombinator interview (Monday) reminds me of cramming for exams in college.

You *know* you know the stuff, but writing it out on notecards repeatedly somehow helps you own the knowledge. It gifts you with a greater sense of perceived control.

I can't control whether or not we'll get into YC, but I sure as hell can control how we respond to some of the invaluable questions YC folks (PG especially) have raised about our business and growth.

So one problem I'm wrapping my noodle around this weekend is increasing the viral coefficient of #getupandmove.

In the midst of trying to graph out sectors, pick 'dream' potential partners, and generally figure out what the hell Google Analytics 'funnel' view is showing me, I happened upon a nifty lesson in perseverance and problem-solving.

This octopus is better at it than most bipedal homo-sapiens I know...

She boils it down to three essentials:
1. What I have
2. What I want
3. Try, fail, try again (iterate).

Off to figure out how to re-combine what we have (awesome guammies) with what we want (more awesome guammies).

Oh, and will someone please pass the coconut water?

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