5 Minute Airport Marcomm Strategy Hack for #startuplife

How to hack a magazine marcomm target list with your iPhone and 5 mins at an airport bookshop.... Step 1: Ignore the candy. Step 2: Put that sugarfree Red Bull back! Step 3: Pull out your iPhone. Step 4: Walk to magazine section. Step 5: Set iPhone to camera. Step 6: Take photos of magazine covers you want to cover your biz. *Consider going for regional or specialty pubs in your sector, like Yoga Health for #getupandmove, or a pub that may run a special use campaign, like The Knot bridesmaids' strapless dress bicep buff up #getupandmove. Step 7: Download this camera roll. Step 8: Research and email JUST ONE of these pubs a day. In a month, if you provide a short, simple concept pitch telling why Rachel Ray's readers should do 10 "counter kicks" every night before dinner, you should hit all the pubs you target within a month. Consider calendaring one/day on your Google calendar and adding any successes or requests for team resources to scrum or all hands meetings. Happy hunting!

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