The World's Girth Keeps Growing, and Growing, and Growing - Even in Places You May Not Expect

Obesity is becoming more common among poor city dwellers in Africa because of easier access to cheap, high fat, high sugar foods, scientists said.

Researchers looking at data from seven African countries found the number of people overweight or obese increased by nearly 35 percent between the early 1990s and early 2000s and the rate of increase in obesity was higher among poor people.

"Given the chronic nature of most diseases associated with obesity and by extension the huge cost of treatment, the prospects look grim for the already under-funded and ill-equipped African health care systems unless urgent action is taken," said Abdhalah Ziraba, who worked on the research with the African Population and Health Research Center in Nairobi.

From: "Global Health Council - Studies Show Obesity Taking Hold in Africa and ."

I wonder how long we have until obesity will be the number one cause of death worldwide?

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