Why You Should Find a Place for Your Kids to Practice Coding Along with Soccer...

"This isn’t some big VC-backed play hoping to take over the world,” says Schnitzer. “We’re two guys who spent a month and a half building what Facebook should have built a long time ago."

The guys from Mobcast, Nikolai Sanders and Jason Schnitzer, just became my new heroes.

There are a ton of services in healthcare that I look at and think "D$%@, they should have built this a long time ago."

A way to challenge and motivate each other to move is one of them. This is the whole reason we built Get Up and Move.

But now there are new frontiers to explore for microfitness challenges. We're going to boldly go where no health/wellness app has gone before.

For example...

Would you like to *see* where other guammies are doing their http://getupandmove.me challenges?

Join a 'local' challenge? I sure would....

Also, some yummy goodness on our 3 week Bday - we're now 134 completed challenges! Woo hoo!

You commented, we listened - @shazow coded up some language to show your Twitter friends that #getupandmove isn't spam.

Check out http://getupandmove.me/accept to give it a look-see.

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