Happy Holidays! WTF? HIT Lamesauce...

Holiday shoppers looking for that perfect last minute holiday gift have a new option this year that could literally save the recipient's life. The new 911 Medical ID card provides the security of personal medical information that can be carried as easily as a credit card, and is a great present for travelers, seniors, caregivers, parents, students, the chronically ill, and many others.
If you’re severely injured in an accident, suffering from a severe allergic reaction, or impaired due to a medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack or seizure, you can't possibly speak for yourself. The new 911 Medical ID™ was created to relay your important health information to first responders, emergency room doctors, or other medical personnel.
Approximately two millimeters thick, the 911 Medical ID™ is the world’s thinnest USB medical information storage device, fitting in your wallet as easily as a credit card. This new Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) provides a simple way to store and carry important medical information such as health history, allergies, and prescriptions, in a format that is easy for medical personnel to access. The information carried on the card will reduce misdiagnoses, save valuable time, and even help cut the cost of medical care as the healthcare industry moves more toward electronic records.
911 Medical ID™ has been in development for three years by MEMI Tech, LLC in Louisville, Kentucky. It can be purchased for $39.99 from http://www.911medicalid.com .
“The 911 Medical ID™ card would be a perfect gift for anyone,” said MEMI Tech CEO Mark Weiss. “It is an easy way to create a Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) that gives you the ability to better control your medical information, and can save your life in an emergency.”

From: "New Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) Card is a Life Saving Last Minute Holiday Gift - AOL Money & Finance."

I think this is worse, definitively, than getting coal in your stocking.

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