Interested in e-Prescribing? Keep an Eye on Scotland's CMS Program this Spring...

The CMS offers patients with LTCs the chance to benefit from ‘pharmaceutical care planning’ with their community pharmacist as well as shared care and repeat dispensing.

When a patient signs up for the CMS the pharmacy’s patient medication record will send an electronic notification to the GP’s IT system which then allows the GP to choose whether to enter into a shared care agreement with the option to generate serial prescriptions for up to 48 weeks.

The pharmacist draws up a pharmaceutical care plan with the patient and if a shared care agreement is in place relevant information shared between the pharmacy and the GP with informed patient consent. At the end of the serial prescription time period the pharmacist sends an electronic end of care treatment summary and a request for a new serial prescription.

From: "E-Health Insider Primary Care :: Scotland's CMS to go national in April."

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