To Our First 236 Users - A Love Letter

Happy Wednesday to all!


December 23rd. We're almost at Christmas. Today is a big day for many reasons. 

On this day last year, a chance meeting in Southern Maryland led someone who is now very important to me to suggest that if I really wanted to make a go of starting a health software company, I had no other choice but to move to Silicon Valley. 

Check that one off the list...

That starting a company thing? Yeah, me and @shazow are workin' on that. 

At http://getupandmove.me, we've got a major version release planned every two weeks. To say it's gettin' hot in here would be an understatement.

We're looking at how challenges, aka "activity agreements" in the words of guammie @ppeach, may be useful for:

  • medication reminders
  • occupational and physical therapy ("do your exercises @home!")
  • running clubs
  • High school sports teams in the hot summer preseason
  • club sports groups at the collegiate level 
  • event planners (wedding weekends, conferences)
  • personal trainers
  • gyms! (especially to help those New Year types keep coming back)
  • Yoga studios
  • hospital community wellness events
  • employer wellness programs

But here's the bottom line: We could NOT be doing any of this without you.

Thanks to you, we are learning things about what motivates people to go from sit-->stand-->MOVE. The data from our community is showing amazing things about how people can help each other make healthier microchoices contagious. 

236 users may seem like a small sample size for a super early, minimum viable product beta, and it is.

When we launched almost a month ago, I told @shazow if we got to 350 users who were ACTUALLY moving every day I'd be thrilled.

What we've discovered: 236 users may *seem* like a small sample size, if, that is, you're any other kind of applicaiton. 

You, our very first batch of guammies, are doing something that is completely new.

You aren't playing around here, and neither are your designers, although we hope we're making moving around  easy and fun.

This isn't a social app, or if it is, it's one with a fierce little purpose.

You see, you, our first users, aren't just reading content, or sharing links. 

You are actually stirring each other - single-handedly - to live healthier lives, minute by minute. You are heroes on a small scale, for me for yourselves, for others to whom large 'getting in shape' or 'losing 20 lbs' resolutions are overwhelming. 

You are helping us start small. Later this week I'll share some stats that help us take a look at your big impact.

Our gift to you today: 

  • improved home and public profiles - you can now share your #getupandmove challenge profile if you'd like. 
In my case, the public accountability helps me ensure I fit in some time to move every day.
  • functional hide/unhide - you can choose to 'hide' for awhile if you're on vacation, etc. 

There's no shame in falling off the wagon for a bit here, then starting right back up, a little bit at a time. 

If you've got friends and family who you know want to 'get healthy' in the New Year, steer them over to where you're already getting up and moving. 

We'll all be here, waiting to help. 

A happy and healthy holidays full of small movement to all 236 of you. We big puffy heart you :)



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