Merry Christmas! WTH!!! HIT Hotness...

From: "http://www.chipchick.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/VITAband1.jpg."

More info: "http://www.chipchick.com/2009/12/vitaband-tap-technology-bracelet.html."

"VITAband can be this generation’s Medical ID bracelet. It’s a digital identification bracelet with two key functions: it stores personal health records to give first responders access to critical information in the event of an emergency, PLUS gives access to tap payment technology through a RFID chip – and this is all on your wrist, just like in Japan where this technology is extremely popular.

So the VITAband works out great if you end up in the hospital. All your medical data is on your wrist, and when you are done just tap your wrist and pay your bill.

To get started it will cost you $39.90 for the bracelet and an annual subscription. For every year thereafter it will cost you $19.95 a year to store your data and be able to use it to pay for purchases. You can easily replenish your VITAband with funds through various sources."

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