You Think HIPAA's a Nightmare NOW?!

An urgent review of data security in the NHS has been ordered after the personal medical records of tens of thousands of people were lost by the health service.

A total of 140 security breaches were reported within the NHS between January and April this year, the Department of Health confirmed today.

These included computers containing medical records left in skips or stolen, and passwords taped on encrypted discs with sensitive information, according to The Independent newspaper.

Over the last six months, the information commissioner, Richard Thomas, has been forced to take action against 14 NHS bodies for breaching data regulations.

140 breaches. In just 120 days. 1.17 breaches/day on average.

If we enact a national data center network of PHI (RHIOs, etc) controlled/regulated by the US government, rather than patients and providers, as part of comprehensive healthcare reform, do we have these kinds of emergency audits to look forward to?

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