Space-Age Medicine is Here, But It's Not What You Think....

A non-invasive electronic monitor, now under development for measuring body chemistry in astronauts, is being touted as a future alternative to needles for the rest of us on terra firma. Called the Venus prototype, the technology uses infrared light to measure blood and tissue oxygen content, pH level and metabolic rate via sensors placed on the skin.

New goal: go for the stratosphere.

If you're designing an HIT application, what would it take to make it work in space?

Richard Branson supported commercial spaceflight via Scaled Composites Spaceship One (piloted by personal hero Burt Rutan), and we ended up with things no one thought were possible, like wifi on commercial Virgin America flights.

What do we think isn't possible here on Earth for PHRs?

What would we do differently if we had to build a PHR that worked for astronauts IN SPACE? (Bet we'd get 2 click integration/UI pretty da*& quick)...

If you build for a mission to the moon, but crash land, your app still might be decent enough to work out here on terra firma...

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