Is Health 2.0 Really Necessary to Save Lives?

So I’m all for the Web 2.0 / Health 2.0 / Twitterverse / Facebook networks and websites helping people. But in terms of mass (as in “population wide”) mental health prevention, you can’t beat something as simple as a well-written webpage.

People sometimes ask me “Why do you do this?” This is why.

Dr. John Grohol is the CEO and founder of Psych Central and has been writing about mental health and psychology issues online since 1992.

Dr. John Grohol of Psych Central cuts through the Health 2.0/Medicine 2.0 hype with a though-provoking post about the power of a single, well-designed webpage.

This is health programming with a purpose.

John's perspective, simple=more effective, seems to be supported by the success of the One Slide Campaign, "Engage with Grace," which advocates open discussion among family members regarding end-of-life care decisions.

Info on Engage with Grace here: http://www.engagewithgrace.org/

How I integrated the One Slide project into family discussions: http://healthmgmtrx.blogspot.com/2008/11/thankful-for-life-talk-with-your-family.html

In the current political atmosphere, we're spending a lot of time talking about prolonging care and extending coverage.

Make sure you're aware of online resources to share that might actually save a life.

Choice-aware care is the next evolutionary phase after participatory medicine. What choices will you make about life, and trying to control how it ends?

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carey said...

Thanks for the post, the references and the reminder of the powers of Web 2.0/Health 2.0 and so on. The links you note certainly underscore a different understanding of participation, the connection to others, open discussion and honest communication which often gets lost among the social media forums...These sites, however, are a step in the right direction and should serve as a model for other "e" movements/communities...