Black Bag 2.0 = DoctorsbagUK

For a modest fee - £2.99* per month (* £35.00 if paid p.a.), health professionals can register their medical bag/drugs bag with DoctorsBagUK . They simply enter the contents of the bag with drug name, dose, amount and expiry dates onto their own personalised drug data base. Everytime you give a drug from your bag you simply log on with your user name and password to update your online doctors bag whether at home or in the surgery. You have a record of the drugs in your doctors bag at any one time which can be printed out as evidence for the medicines management part of QOF, which requires doctors to keep their drug bags regularly updated and to have a system to check drugs are in date. You will receive an email message fourteen days before an item is due to expire and every five days until the item is replaced. There is a visual alert one month before expiry when logged on to your personal drug bag with a "traffic light" reminder system.

Would love to see these guys vetted for either Health 2.0 or Medicine 2.0.

Seems like a simple tech hack trying to make life easier for docs.

Unfortunately, the model probably wouldn't translate well in the US market since our PCPs and family practitioners 1. don't do housecalls, 2. don't have black bags even in the office anymore and 3. get most in-office meds as samples in 'underground' trade for drug lunch seminars from Big Pharma.

However, this model MAY translate very well in The Netherlands, where GPs still DO housecalls...

GPs using DoctorsBagUK.com offers docs:

* Automated email alerts 14 days before drugs' expiration dates (reboot the bag now!)

* Evidence-based medical practice data support - system in place to check drugs via QOF.

* Hopefully less expired pills in the UK water supply.

How much for this stunning medical equivalent of CMS?

2.99 per month (in pounds), or about $4.76.

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Lodewijk Bos said...

I don't think this will work. GPs will see it as a breach of their professional privacy and more important, it depends on the GPs active input. Ever tried to maintain the list with miles you drove for your boss? Or your household spending book? This seems nice, but probably unworkable and therefor unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

As creator of DoctorsbagUK I am interested in your comments. In the UK GPs are some of the most regulated doctors in the world and constantly under scrutiny from the public and Health organisations this has been escalated by in the 'Shipman' case . (I'm not sure if you are aware of this case outside the UK). The idea was born out of neccessity in my own practice and makes life a lot easier in our extremely busy working days. It is already being used in England and Scotland and as we say over here 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. Your comments about the US medical system are interesting but doctors don't regard the contents of their medical bags as confidential so this isnt a problem.
Kind regards