What are PHR "Top 5" Features? NHS HealthSpace PHR Survey Asks Patients...(Paraphrased)

On page 3 of the HealthSpace survey, the NHS is asking patients to rate features the NHS "might be able to make available to people using HealthSpace." 

Patients are asked to select 'Top 5' features from the list and state how often they would use the Top 5 (daily, very regularly/weekly, quite regularly/monthly, infrequently/2-3x per year, never, don't know). 

In parenthesis, I've placed examples (not comprehensive by any means; feel free to make additions by leaving a comment) of  US services or types of systems/documents that have these features, but are stored in a variety of different places under our current rabbit-warren of disconnected storage.  

Features listed include:

  • add information to my medical records myself (PHRs like Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault, and opensource offerings)
  • record how I want to be treated if I can't make my own decisions (advanced directive)
  • record my needs so the NHS know[s] them in advance of my appointments eg disabilities (?)
  • access to my test results online (Kaiser's HealthConnect system with PHR for members)
  • give me updates about relevant health issues (hmmm, individually relevant or public-health relevance? Individually relevant would be RSS feeds, etc. Public-health relevance would be CDC/FDA recalls via Twitter, etc). 
  • see my previous health readings online (some PHRs?)
  • access to my medical records online (PHRs)
  • book appointments at my GP surgery (various docs' offices that allow online scheduling like CurrentHealth, Hello Health)
  • order repeat prescriptions (e-prescribing systems)
  • give my carers access to my health information (YES! Not sure who, if anyone, is doing this...other than signing HIPAA forms for spouses, partners, parents/guardians to access paper-based records)
  • secure two-way email communication with my doctor or nurse (Hello Health, some hospitals).

Question: Which 'Top 5' features would you choose for a PHR (personal health record?) 

Is the list MISSING any features you'd consider top shelf?

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