The CCHIT Open-Source Certification Body Alternative We've All Been Waiting For?

A conference for open-source enthusiasts is kicking off today in Houston.

Organizers are billing FOSSHealth, which stands for Free and Open Source Software in Healthcare, as an “unconference” for people who want to see the latest open-source projects available. Open-source initiatives by Medsphere Systems Corp., Misys, Sun Microsystems and WorldVistA are expected to be presented, according to the agenda.

Fred Trotter, a programmer and co-founder of the Liberty Medical Software Foundation, will introduce the conference. The not-for-profit foundation promotes the use of open-source health information technology. Bill Vass, president and chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems Federal—a Sun Microsystems subsidiary that manages federal government business—and chief technology officer for global accounts and industries at Sun Microsystems, will deliver a keynote about the company's efforts in the project aimed at tying health systems into the national health information networking using free software called Connect.

Maybe not. Look at sponsoring companies, then compare to roster of firms with reps on working groups at CCHIT.

However, if you're interested in data portability/standards in healthcare, keep an eye on FOSSHealth.

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