Support Obamacare? What President Obama Wants From the American Public

Jen --

As we speak, key committees in Congress are weighing options and making final decisions about how to tackle health care reform. This could be one of the last opportunities to shape the legislation before it's written.

The behind-the-scenes committee negotiations aren't front-page news, but the lobbyists trying to block reform are following every detail, and they won't miss a day. If the final plan is to uphold President Obama's principles of reduced costs, guaranteed choice -- including the choice of a robust public insurance option -- and quality care for all, your voice must be heard.

Please write a short letter to the editor of your local paper expressing your support for President Obama's three principles for real health care reform, and asking your Congressional representatives to do the same. You can write and submit your letter in just a few minutes using our simple online tool.

Write a letter to help pass health care

These letters are an easy but powerful way to make a difference. The letters section is one of the most-read parts of the newspaper, and decision-makers in Congress and the media watch it closely to gauge where the public stands.

Good letters are usually just two or three short paragraphs. You can just explain that you're a local resident who knows we need real health care reform following the President's three principles, and we need it now. If you have a personal experience with the health care system that motivates you, that will make the letter even more powerful.

The opponents of real reform have deep pockets and insider access, and they're holding nothing back in their drive to derail progress before the plans go public.

Your letter, submitted at this time, can help remind your representatives that the American people are counting on them to stand up to special interests and deliver the comprehensive reform we so desperately need.


Thanks for all that you do,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

P.S. -- These letters are a vital first step. Stay tuned for other critical ways to organize locally and make a difference in this campaign. We can only win this thing if we all work together every step of the way.


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1. Published support for generalities.
2. Money.


From an email I received titled: "A critical time for health care reform."

President Obama (Mitch) - you are losing our support and the excitement you have successfully generated with 'grassroots' social media campaigns like individual emails, Twitter use, the ability to interact via web commentology, etc.

People who ask too often for my time and money (repeatedly) in mass-blast format are often removed from my list of contacts. I don't want to do this to your healthcare reform updates/emails, but you're leaving me few other options.

Your emails are currently viral, and not in a good way. Please please please take a closer look at your approach.

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