@jensmccabe - Exploring the 'Me-ome' 23a

More data, including the weighted-decision making matrix I used to decide to share my genomic data open-source style, coming soon!

99$. 23andMe's Research Revolution was *so* worth it...

Personal health action item 1: Ask doctor at appointment Friday about Celiac's Disease variant(I haz it! Shocker!).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so brave and spontaneous! You might be interested in running your data further using Promethease :-)

cariaso said...

I believe the $99 version does not allow a raw data download. Promethease would need that, so I don't think it can yet help you. I imagine 23andMe might have a way to upsell you the full set for $400 extra.

KA said...

Congrats and thanks for posting this fascinating video. Do please blog about your decision matrix!!