Yes, We Heart Our Robots...

"Robots, Which Now Perform Medical Tasks, May Learn to Provide Therapy, Support" by Anita Slomski.

Yes. We heart our robots.

Interesting how new tech creates new breeds of relics.

We try to keep even the latest technology tied to our physical identification of self...it took me a year+ to give up my first iPod Shuffle even though it was having 'issues.'

Wonder if we also heart medical devices? I'd be interested to know how many of us 'keep' medical devices that are removed/used.

I *hate* with a passion the rocking chair I had to use for knee rehab after my accident, and got rid of it.

However, I kept a piece of my Helvetica ex-fixator and a long screw with a bit of bone fragment. Gross, yeah, probably.

But that screw helped keep my life together, via the ankle bone(s), as it reknitted around a new skeletal framework. It deserves a place on the shelf, don't you think?

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Brenda Bell said...

Many people with diabetes acquire, over time, a collection of broken or obsolete testing equipment: glucometers, insulin-delivery equipment (syringes and needles, pens, pumps), connector cables, etc.