Last Batch: Tweets - Nominees Must Send Resumes TODAY!

Tweets - if you nominated someone (seriously) please do the following TODAY:

1. let them know

2. see if they're interested in submitting a resume for review (willing to serve? seriously considered?)


If so, have them forward CV/resume (or link to resume stored in Google docs) to me at: jennifermccabegorman@yahoo.com or jmccabegorman@organizedwisdom.com.

I will submit resumes forwarded to me with a cover letter of recommendation, but the whole shebang is DUE TOMORROW.




Nominations from ekivemark:





Nominations from @john_chilmark:

Vincent Cerf

P(eter).Neupert (Microsoft)

J(onathan). Bush (Athena)

A(dam). Bosworth (Keas)

P(aul).Levy (BIDMC)


Nominations from @tstitt:

Kieran Lal, Drupal.org Board Member, Acquia.com Community Guide, http://cli.gs/N8vdtW


Nominations from @sjdmd:

Craig Feied, now of MSoft


Nominations from mindofandre:







Nominations from leonardkish:

JD Kleinke http://www.speaking.com/speakers/jdkleinke.html


Nominations from @bobcoffield::

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist, Health Populi

Christopher Parks, CEO of change:healthcare

John D. Halamka, MD, MS, CIO CareGroup Health System, Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School

Scott Shreeve, CEO ofCrossover Healthcare

Josh Lemieux, Markle Foundation

Jay Parkinson, MD, Hello Health

Jen McCabe Gorman, Health Management RX

Matthew Holt, Health Care Strategist and Co-Founder, Health 2.0

Jonathan Bush, CEO of Athena Health

Peter Neupert, VP Health Solutions Group, Microsoft

Roni Zeiger, MD, Product Manager, Google Health

Enoch Choi, MD, Partner, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, MedHelp.org

Marty Tenenbaum, Health 2.0 Accelerator Visionary

David Kibbe, Senior Advisor American Academy of Family Physicians

Amy Tenderich, Writer, Blogger, Consultant, Patient Advocate www.DiabetesMine.com

Adam Bosworth, CEO of Keas

Sarah Chouinard, MD, Community Health Network of WV

John Wiesendanger, CEO of West Virginia Medical Institute, Inc.


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