How Much $ Will Get a Doc to Change Practice Procedures?

Apparently, it's more than the $1500 to $2000 range...

"Most of the medical groups surveyed in the study reported that the program's financial incentives -- generally about $1,500 to $2,000 annually per physician -- were too small to stimulate significant change among most doctors.

How much will we have to pay docs to adopt EHRs and integrate PHRs?

Two to FIVE TIMES more, according to a recent RAND study.

I'm no good at math, but that's 4-10k. PER DOC.

The Obama Administration and DHHS Sec. nominee should take a good look at these figures...suddenly I'm worried the 19-21B earmarked for HIT may not be enough.

What else do docs want? Choice.

"The authors said these problems might be diminished if doctors felt they had more autonomy in implementing the programs."

It's about time somebody gave it to them.

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Brenda Bell said...

Considering the costs of acquiring and updating hardware and software, training, and technical support, and the costs and issues associated with vertical-market proprietary software, information security, and legal compliance (consider, for example, how much time and money it costs the average small- to medium-sized business to be SOx-compliant) -- and considering how close to margins the insurance companies are making the average practice run -- one might be surprised that a figure in the range of $20k per annum would be anywhere near sufficient.