Posterous #1 Tool Helping Me Share "Peeks" (Pronto) Into Healthcare, Science, Tech

Forgive my usual lack of eloquence, dear reader: this post is a quick and dirty story about getting results, and how Posterous has helped me do that.

Background: I've had a Posterous account for just over 2 months.

Since January 22nd, I've posted here 66 times. I have a tight crew of 15 subscribers, but have generated over 722 pageviews.

Q2 I'll begin tracking my sticky web of views from Posterous-generated content via Google Analytics (how many views on Twitter, Facebook, HMRx, and Posterous combined?).

My Posterous posts now generate roughly 300% more views of "Jenstream" content PER POST (thanks @tedeytan, @epatientdave for the nomenclature) than my Blogger-hosted site, Health Management Rx.

HMRx has been active for over two years this April. That's a LOT of time spent formatting/reformatting articles, finding interesting links and emailing them to myself, to drive an mean of between 30-90 views per posting day. Ouch. 

Posting at Posterous takes me an average of 15 mins, and the content I provide here is automagically pushed to my Facebook wall, forlorn and limping HMRx blog, and, far more importantly for my current projects - my Twitterfeed (@jenmccabegorman).

Pre-Posterous, if I saw a news article, blog post, etc. I thought worth sharing, I'd have to copy and paste the URL into an email to myself (jennifermccabegorman@yahoo.com), with a summary sentence (so I didn't forget my train of thought) and a few graphs on why it was important for healthcare innovation.

Then this usually sat in my inbox indefinitely awaiting action, unless I put a day/date/time tag on it with an obnoxious all-caps note to self BLOG THIS ASAP!

You can probably imagine how well *that* method worked out, and how many good meaty links ended up in the 'trash' section of my Yahoo mail account.

Then, once I finally decided to blog an item, posting at HMRx took me an average of 45 mins.

I could set the kitchen timer by this, and usually ran over and had to allot an hour to post via Blogger. What a pain in the a@#!

What does all this tell me? And why should you care?

It's this simple: Posterous works. It is the most effective tool in my significant cloud-based tech arsenal for spreading rhizomatic content, opinions, and links.

When I first took a look at Posterous, I wondered what possible value I could derive from, sigh, ANOTHER blogging site.

Then @garrytan told me about the autopublish function, and the sun broke through the clouds.

Holding hands with Twitter, Posterous let's me deliver a 1-2 punch of content - short and sweet? Tweet. Slightly more complex production? Posterous.

I'd pay for Posterous guys. It's not a blogging site. It's a complete self-to-content transition platform.

I'd pay more for Posterous than my Pro Flickr account.

Photos, after all, get me viewjoy and some small sense of relatively artistic accomplishment, but Posterous gets my professional life moving at warp speed.

Thank you, and keep up the great work. Yes. You haz a fan.


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