Letters From Beyond: LASTPOST Sends Your Postmortem Mail

After a fascinating Twitter discussion last week with @markhawker about creating a web-based service that would post notification of your death to your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc), I stumbled upon LASTPOST.

For 29.99 pounds, you can send a letter to someone after you die. This is a fascinating idea.

As Mark and I tweeted, as the intimate details of our lives move to the cloud, so will notification of our death.

How can we try to preemptively reduce the shockwave ripples that strafe out through our online social linkages as a result?

Good question. But there's a definite need here.

I don't want my family to have to notify my Facebook friends, or my twitterstream, that I've passed away. I'd rather pay to have a service send my words directly, activated by a one touch button (or email) from a designated contact.

Now who's going to build something like this? LastPosterous?

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Lodewijk Bos said...

I had seen the announcement about lastpost.com but had not followed your discussion as last week was one of those dedicated to surviving :)
But the concept is fascinating. You considered the emotions on the receiving end?
And there is a difference between having a service announcing my death to my networks, or a service delivering messages on my behalf after I passed away. In this last case it is one step further in not accepting the fact that this life will end one day. One more negation of the only certainty we have in this life, the fact that we will die.
Getting such a letter is different from seeing a picture again after some years. A letter is a sign of life...