This is Hello Health

Welcome to Williamsburg Jay, Sean, Devlyn & Co! May you live long and prosper.

The Hello Health launch party on Thursday was perfect timing - it's easy to feel cynical about where 'primary' healthcare in the US is headed.

Then you perch on the edge of the Hello Health exam table in an office streamlined to provide the best in patient-directed, consumer-centric care, backed by Myca's custom software apps, and a little bubble of hope expands at the base of your throat. Five days later, the bubble's still there.

If you live in Williamsburg - do yourself and your health a favor (especially if you're a freelancer/creative type who's currently un/underinsured) - check out Hello Health.

A few quick questions for the Hello Health crew (which I didn't ask in person - too busy running around snapping photos and drooling all over your new digs):

1. Plans for service design/design collaborative in health?

2. When/where will the next branch open? (Please say DC...please say DC)

3. How do you compare Hello Health to the much bandied about misused and abused 'medical home' renaming of traditional primary care?

4. Serious estimates for scalability? How long to establish baseline goals for Brooklyn practice - how many patients - how long to establish next branch - will this run as a sort of franchise agreement - when/where can I buy one? (grin)

More photos from the launch on Flickr here...net denizens take note - Jay's got some interesting endorsements from the webtech/HIT community.

Many thanks to the Myca folks (excellent hosts) for taking this leap - your software app is a thing of beauty - can't wait to see my docs using it (in the US AND in the Netherlands - why stop with a cross-country bus trip when there's an international need for this kind of solution?).

Thanks also to the Organized Wisdom gang for the whirlwind Big Apple tour, and Sarah Greene for the sparkling company, invaluable conversation, bathroom bites of wisdom, and hospitality.

Anyone interested in visiting Hello Health - it's worth the trip. Trust me.

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Unity Stoakes said...

Congrats to Hello Health! Looking forward to seeing this model grow and prosper.

And great spending time with you on your visit Jen!