Weekend Roundup: Whereby Jen, Nexthealth Really Get Going and American Well, Hello Health Make Waves

I'm doing a lot of blog/news scrubbing lately as we ramp up for Health 2.0, just over 2 months away in San Francisco.

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen; the lineup this show is bigger and better than ever. Companies are showing amazing features. Line up for tickets here.

Meanwhile, perennial Health 2.0 favorites continue to make headlines:

Analyzing the business models of many Health 2.0 firms, you begin to notice something in common.

Despite the astonishing size and spending power of the hospital segment, MOST have taken one look at the siloed, low-margin marketplace and run frantically in the other direction, towards market-oriented, consumer solutions that 'sell' direct to the individual (whether they charge the consumer as part of a freemium model, are VC-funded, or operate using ad-based revenue models).

Many Health 2.0 firms are helping us nibble away around the edges, building a consumer-centric system user by user, providing solutions at an individual level. There are strong exceptions, luckily, American Well is one, with a business-model oriented around the current payor market.

But there are very few, if any, adaptive, fast-moving, Health 2.0 companies providing decision-support resources for existing brick and mortar players, including hospitals.

Someone needs to connect individual and systemic solutions, and provide non-intimidating, accessible ways for hospital teams to plot a roadmap to consumer-centric care using existing needs and future wants.

And they need to do it in a way that drives viral, rapid transfusions.

Some of you are sensing some dramatic irony here. So yeah. I'll admit it. The Nexthealth folks are working on this.

As a result, I'll beg your indulgence - blog posting will be a bit light for the next 2 weeks as we work on building a killer app. and getting speakers ready...see you in Frisco.

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