Reporter Looking for e-Patients - Using HARO (Another Twitter Find)

This reporter's inquiry was posted on HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a website/email list started by Peter Shankman. I learned about HARO from Peter's posts on Twitter (Peter's Twitter name = @skydiver).

If you're an e-patient, physician, or Health 2.0 exec, you should be subscribing to his listserve here: http://www.aweber.com/z/r/?rOwcbIwctCzMbIwcjMxstEa0zOxMnIyc7A==, especially if you don't have a PR agency on retainer (or even if you do).

Finally, help spread the word about accessing healthcare content, communities, and services online...got a good story? See the journalist inquiry below:

Summary: Real People Use Web for Health Problems

Category: Healthcare

Name: PJ Noonan

Email: PJNoonan@aol.com

Title: Freelancer

Media Outlet/Publication: National weekly magazine

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region? No


Deadline: 5:00 PM MOUNTAIN - August 28


"Digital Medicine or Using the Internet to Help Your Health

For a series of five articles on digital medicine, I need several
real people (i.e., not experts) from across the USA who have one of
these conditions: diabetes; high cholesterol; a sleep disorder such
as sleep apnea or insomnia: depression; or a heart or
cardiovascular health problem, and who have used the Internet to
help cope with their condition in one of these five ways:
a) to fight disease, such as by using the Internet for lobbying,
building awareness, fundraising, etc.;
b) to find health insurance;
c) to communicate long distance with their doctors, such as
emailing questions to the doctor, getting lab test results by
email, requesting prescription refills online, etc.;
d) to find a medical community online such as a site that offers
information and support for people who have the same condition; or
e) to research their condition and learn more what it is, what can
be done to treat it and what the latest research has found.

If you or someone you know fits this description and would be
willing to tell your or their story for publication, please email
me ASAP. If possible, please include a photo (headshot or casual
snapshot)with or in your email.

Please note: A different section of the publication will look at
these digital medicine from the health professionals side. For my
section of the piece, I can only use stories from real people who
fit the description above - no doctors or other health
professionals (unless they're telling their own story of having one
of these conditions and using the Internet in one of the ways
listed above).

People who are selected to be in the final articles will be
identified in the article by name, age, city and occupation. This
is for a national news and opinion magazine.

If you have any leads to suggest , please email me at
PJNoonan@aol.com. Please put Digital Med in the subject line of
your email. Thank you!

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